Dialogue Nights

Launched in September 2017, Dialogue Nights are events that bring Boston-area university students and young professionals together for open-hearted, open-minded discussion on a range of contemporary issues, from the personal to the political to the spiritual. Each Dialogue Nights is conceived and developed by the Ikeda Center program staff, with the Center's Lillian I serving as host and moderator for the dialogues. The December 2017 event was a collaboration with Ceasar McDowell of MIT, and the May 2018 event a collaboration with Massachusetts Peace Action, Next Gen. Click on links for stories and photo galleries.

Dialogues Nights, May 18, 2018
The Apathy Epidemic: What Is the Cure?

Dialogues Nights, Mar. 23, 2018
Learning to Live Together: Rediscovering Our Fundamental Connectedness

Dialogues Nights, Jan. 19, 2018
The Invisible Arrow of Prejudice, War, and Conflict

Dialogues Nights, Dec. 1, 2017
The Power of Raised Voices

Dialogues Nights, Oct. 25, 2017
Life to Life Encounters in a Digital World

Dialogues Nights, Sept. 27, 2017
Soft Power and the Power of Friendship


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