Remembering Vincent Harding

Humanity has lost a friend of the truest kind. On May 19, 2014, historian Vincent Harding passed away, due to complications from an aneurysm. A friend and advisor to Martin Luther King Jr., Dr. Harding was a towering, irreplaceable figure in the fields of peace, justice, religious pluralism, and social transformation. Over the course of nearly two decades, we at the Ikeda Center have benefited beyond measure from his wisdom. We are deeply grateful for the many contributions he made to our programs and publications. Please click to read more.

Read our "Founding Lecture"

This fall we are celebrating our 25th anniversary as an institute devoted to peace, learning, and dialogue! To commemorate this milestone, we invite you to engage with our founding lecture: Daisaku Ikeda's 1993 Harvard University address, "Mahayana Buddhism and 21st Century Civilization." Click to read a full transcript!

Peace Poems

The publication of "Peace Justice, and the Poetic Mind," co-authored by Stuart Rees and Daisaku Ikeda, provides a nice opportunity to highlight our section devoted to poems on peace-related themes. It features works from fifteen poets, ranging from Emily Dickinson to Kahlil Gibran, Sonia Sanchez to Wendell Berry. Both Rees and Ikeda are poets, and the section features contributions from each. Click through to view!

Next Dialogue Nights!

Students and young professionals are invited to join us the evening of Friday, October 19 for our next Dialogue Nights. The theme is "Creating Hope Together: What Is the Role of Dialogue?" Come help us commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of our fall 1993 founding! Click through for more details.

New From Dialogue Path Press!

Our newest Dialogue Path Press title is now available for purchase! Called "Peace, Justice, and the Poetic Mind," it features Daisaku Ikeda in dialogue with Stuart Rees, founding director of Sydney's Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies. Click though to learn more!

Report from "Breaking Gender Stereotypes"!

On July 27th, nearly sixty university students and young professionals turned out for the seventh Ikeda Center Dialogue Nights, this time on the theme of “Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Revealing Our True Nature.” The main purpose of the evening was to discuss how to challenge and overcome the gender stereotypes that hold all of us back from achieving our full human potential.

Dialogue Nights

Confronting the Apathy Epidemic

The enthusiasm evident at the Ikeda Center’s third Dialogue Nights event of 2018, held on May 18, belied the evening’s organizing topic: “The Apathy Epidemic.” Instead, the energetic presence of more than forty Boston-area university students and young professionals modeled a compelling answer to the evening’s subtheme, which asked: “What Is the Cure?” The evening was a collaboration between the Ikeda Center and Massachusetts Peace Action (MAPA) Next Gen. Click through to read an in-depth report on the event!

Catrina Whitman

Report from "Claiming Your Right to Live"!

On April 21, we hosted our first-ever student-led peace dialogue. The topic was nuclear weapons abolition. In preparation for the event, the students had been encouraged by peace educators Betty Reardon and Zeena Zakharia to ask generative questions of themselves and others about nuclear abolition. In so doing, they deepened participants' thinking about the topic and increased their motivation to act. "No one is an expert," said Dr. Reardon. "We are here to learn together!" Click through to read an in-depth report!

Dr. King's Interconnected Values

The occasion of fifty years passing since the tragic, wasteful assassination of Martin Luther King Jr., has inspired an abundance of valuable commentary on Dr. King's legacy. Chief among the points being made is that it wasn't race or civil rights per se that brought King to Memphis, but a sanitation workers strike.

March Dialogue Nights Event Celebrates Human Connection

On March 23 we held our fifth Dialogue Nights event of the series! Attendees watched a documentary, "The Island of All Together," in which tourists and Syrian refugees on a Greek island engage in genuine, heart-to-heart dialogue. Daisaku Ikeda's 2018 peace proposal guided small group discussions that explored questions such as, "How can we embrace and honor our differences and learn to live together?" Thank you to everyone who came out! Click through for more.


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