Ikeda Center Staff

Yoshiki Tanagawa

Yoshiki Tanigawa
Yoshiki Tanigawa is President of the Ikeda Center, providing overall direction and leadership. He also serves as Secretary General of Soka Gakkai in Japan and as Vice President of Soka Gakkai International. Read More »

David Saito

Kazuo "David" Saito
As Treasurer, David is the chief financial officer and chief accounting officer of the Ikeda Center. He is licensed as a CPA in California and an associate member of the Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Read More »

Virginia Straus Benson

Virginia (Straus) Benson, vbenson[at]ikedacenter.org
Ginny is Executive Director, responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of the Center. She served as executive director from the Center's founding in 1993 to 2009, whe she became senior fellow supporting programs as needed. Read More »

Jason Goulah

Jason Goulah
As Executive Advisor to the Ikeda Center, Jason provides guidance on programs and publications and helps develop strategies to advance the Ikeda Center's mission. He is Associate Professor of Bilingual-Bicultural Education at DePaul University in Chicago.  Read More »

Bonnie Alexander

Bonnie Alexander, balexander[at]ikedacenter.org
As Accounting Manager, Bonnie handles all financial and accounting processes and provides background support for staff activities. Bonnie is a Massachusetts licensed CPA, with experience in nonprofits, banking, financial services, and fulfillment companies. Read More »

Mitch Bogen

Mitch Bogen, mbogen[at]ikedacenter.org
Mitch is Publications Associate. In addition to serving as lead editor and production manager for all books, he also serves as Webmaster. He has been a writer and editor for several Boston area educational nonprofits and taught comparative religions at the college level. Read More »

David Hay

David Hay
As Assistant Treasurer, David supports the finance, accounting and administration for the Ikeda Center. David also serves as the Director of Accounting for the East Territory at SGI-USA. He holds a MBA in finance from the University of San Francisco. Read More »

Lillian I

Lillian I, lilliani[at]ikedacenter.org
As Program Coordinator, Lillian supports the program team in managing the logistics and promotion of Ikeda Center events as well as overseeing the education fellows program. Prior to joining the Center in 2017, Lillian was the Social Media and Digital Content Manager at Boston Ballet. Read More »

Kevin Maher

Kevin Maher, kmaher[at]ikedacenter.org
Kevin is Program Manager for the Ikeda Center.  In this role, he leads the program team in developing events and publications that further the Center's mission for peace.  He also networks with scholars, researchers, and students engaged in work that resonates with our core convictions. Read More »

Catrina Whitman

Catrina Whitman, adminassist[at]ikedacenter.org
Catrina is our Administrative Assistant for Winter-Spring 2018, and is a second-year student at Northeastern University where she is pursuing a degree in International Relations. She hopes to work in developing countries to help provide equal access to global health resources. Read More »

Beth Zimmerman

Beth Zimmerman, bzimmerman[at]ikedacenter.org
As Administrative Manager, Beth is responsible for office operations, human resources, and facilities management. Prior to joining the Center in 1996, Beth worked to empower young people through the arts in human service and educational settings. Read More »

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