Founder's Messages

Located in Tokyo, and travelling overseas less at this point in his long life and career, Daisaku Ikeda takes the opportunity of special occasions to communicate his core ideals for the Ikeda Center. At the heart of his vision is an insistence that our work on behalf of peace and well being must be global in scope and intention.

1995: Opening Ceremony Remarks

The Center was founded in 1993, but moved to its permanent home in Cambridge in May 1995. In his message, Mr. Ikeda said this location was "no accident," since New England bequeathed the world the shining legacy of the American Renaissance.
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2003: Message On the Occasion of the Center's Tenth Anniversary

This message opened the Center's 10th Anniversary conference, called "Re-imagining Self, Other, and the Natural World." In these remarks, Mr. Ikeda compares Nichiren Buddhism and American Transcendentalism.
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2004: Message On the Occasion of the Inaugural Ikeda Forum

Mr. Ikeda wrote this message to launch and commemorate the 1st Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, held October 1, 2004. It outlines many connections and resonances between Nichiren Buddhism and ideas of the American Renaissance.
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2009: Message On the Occasion of the Publication of Creating Waldens

The first book published by the Center's Dialogue Path Press was Creating Waldens: An East-West Conversation On the American Renaissance, co-authored by Ronald A. Bosco, Joel Myerson, and Daisaku Ikeda.
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2013: 20th Anniversary Message

Composed for the September 28, 2013, 20th anniversary celebration, Mr. Ikeda said, "Nothing makes me happier than to know that so many friends with whom I share years or even decades of fond memories have kindly decided to attend today’s event."
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