About the Ikeda Center

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Founded in 1993 by Buddhist philosopher, peacebuilder, and educator Daisaku Ikeda, the Ikeda Center's mission is to build cultures of peace through learning and dialogue. Our work is aimed at helping to establish, across cultures and religions, a shared global ethic based on respect for the absolute sanctity of life and a firm belief in the human potential for good. The Ikeda Center is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.

Upon our founding, Daisaku Ikeda presented us with the following mottos:

  • Be the heart of a network of global citizens
  • Be a bridge for dialogue between civilizations.
  • Be a beacon lighting the way to a century of life.

Our work is inspired by Daisaku Ikeda's belief that open-hearted, open-minded dialogue presents the surest path to peace.

Seven core convictions express our values and guide our work.

Our history is one of enaging scholars and the public around humanistic themes in education and peace building.

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Our Education Fellows program supports doctoral work relating to Soka, or value creating, education.

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These resources relate to our core values and objectives, and wider community.

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