Participants' Value Creation Statements

At the conclusion of the virtual 2020 Ikeda Forum, participants offered the following refelections on what value creation means to them.

Value creation: it doesn’t feel good but it feels great afterward!

Value creation is dialogue

Value creation is nine thoughts to one word

Value creation is human revolution

Value creation is power

Value creation is deeply considering the opportunity to add value to every moment.

Value creation to me means reflecting on my life every step of the way and taking action

Value creation to me means never giving up!

Every day I write down: "What can I do from today?"

Value creation to me means never giving up on myself and moving even one step forward from now

[It] means to have courage to not give up

Value creation is now

Value creation is inclusion!

Value creation means to me that I strive to become happy while helping others to become happy too

Value creation is a good struggle

Value creation is life affirming

Value creation is moving forward from what is to what you would like it to be

It means I will always win!

Value creation is be present

Value creation to me is commitment to turn obstacles into opportunities

Value creation to me means to be the change I want to see in the world

Value creation is hope at all times, spurred by one’s determination to act

Value creation is finding hope in every moment

Value creation is awakening to your own power to create hope

Value creation is having hope for our future

The most meaning to your life is sometimes simple things and values

No avanzar es retroceder (To not advance is to go backwards)

Value creation is all about remembering that there are things in life worth fighting for and then going after them. As Harvey Milk said, "Without hope, life's not worth living."

Value creation is believing in myself and in others

Value creation is never give up

Value creation means maintaining a powerful life force by practicing Buddhism and having Daisaku Ikeda as my mentor

It is living, teaching, challenging my best and respecting that in others

Value creation is empowering myself and others in each moment

Value creation is bringing hope to others, no matter what!

It's not passive 

Value creation is an adventure of the highest order!

Value creation is the will to act in the face of obstacles and not doubt my own greatness

Value creation means to develop imagination and never giving up 

Value creation is transforming our worst moments into something we can learn and apply to our everyday lives! Changing thoughts into actions

Value creation for me is inclusion!

Value creation is naming what we do every second of life

Value creation to me means transforming hopelessness to being hopeful

Value creation is to believe in the presence of my own inner courage and inner wisdom

Value creation is making lemonade out of lemons

Value creation to me is pulling enlightenment out of every moment

Value creation is never giving up and always turning poison into medicine

Value creation means realizing what it means to be human and living every day with courage and hope

For me, value creation means to use all the realities to create harmony and peace, as to build good, beauty and gain

Value creation to me means to overcome any obstacle

Everyone wins

Value creation to me is advancing joyfully

Value creation is a way to create something new, something that can create opportunities for many more value creating moments 

Value creation is not only to be reactive, but to move always the needle forward with courage and hope!

Value creating is mindfulness… It is my way of harnessing the power deep within my life. Come join me on this value creation journey

Value creation occurs in the present. It is the act of creating the future from where we are right now, forging a path forward that will benefit oneself and others

Value creation is tapping into imaging what is possible and using it as strength to move forward

Value creation is finding the gift hidden in the obstacle

I think that value creation is to do everything I can do at one point, in the moment, in the situation

Value creation share smile and kind to people around us 

Value creation means to step with courage, persevere, and have patience to manifest my dream

Connecting with another person's heart

Value creation means to reach the heart of every one

Value creation means to take responsibility for forging meaning moment by moment in my life

Value creation is to be happy for others

Value creation is listening with the heart to the person in front of me

Value creation is choosing to use our imagination to enhance our circumstances to improve happiness for everyone

Value creation means discovering the beauty of life

I try to keep in mind, if not me, then who? and if not now, then when?

A good struggle and “good trouble” sometimes

Value creation is hope and share

How far can I go with creating value is going further than I’ve gone

Value creation - means listening with my heart

Value creation means - this difficulty will be significant to my life

Being open and happy now

Value Creation is my human network on 5 continents and keeping it vibrating

Value Creation is: do it now, and do it hard, don’t hold back

Value creation is asking what kind of human being do I need to become to move forward

To be able to see the best in you emerge from the most challenging situation and use that to encourage others to bring out their best version

Value creation is to have gratitude with the thought: living itself is joy 

Value creation is appreciating what we have, but pushing ourselves to make it better

Value creation means to imagine the best!

Value creation means possibilities

Value creation is to continue, working and enjoying life, even after a stroke, seizure disorder, and Parkinson's. Telling these diseases to "buzz off"

Value creation is sharing positively with my grandchildren so they create a life of value

Value creation is being of service to humanity!

Value Creation is having the courage to take action. Reflect transformations within ourselves to be able to inspire others

Value creation to me is to create benefit from whatever adverse circumstance we or our families or our friends have. Never give up!

Value creation means to continue!

Value creation is happiness. And we are all born to be happy

Value creation means respect for humanity and our environment

Value creation is taking a chance on me…. having hope in others

Creating value requires patience, humor and consciousness. Appreciating everything and enjoying our shared journey!

Value creation = having courage and taking action

Value creation is to constantly try to achieve the best version of yourself

Value creation is transformation

Value creation means to me to connect with others

Value creation is this event!

Persevere, never give up. From this moment on, transform challenges to opportunity, growth, learning, joy

Value creation is humanity, share and act

Never giving up

To me, value creation is an act of discovery about myself, who I am, what I am, and what I’m doing here. The act of learning how to honestly look in the mirror becomes a cause that will result in the capacity to love all of life

Value creation to learn something new

Value creation is waking each day, finding and taking action on the beauty, gain and good in a single moment

Value creation is a trail that is/can be seen and followed

Value creation to me is being of service to others

Creating value is challenging my own limits and always moving forward, one step at a time.

It means remembering the strength of trees in their silence

Being a projector emitting images of kosen-rufu in your own unique way to the world is value creation

To me, value creation means asking questions and finding the strength to use your power every day to see the hope, and spread that to others. And to let a lack of value inspire you

Value creation is being my best every day, with the belief that my life and all lives are worthy

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