Subverting Hatred

The Challenge of Nonviolence in Religious Traditions: 10th Anniversary Edition

Edited by Daniel L. Smith-Christopher
Developed by the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century (now the Ikeda Center)
Published by Orbis Books, September 2007

"... a plethora of religious perspectives in a series of creative, scholarly, and provocative essays." - Professor Paul Waldau, Tufts University

Today's students are hungry to better understand religious traditions and their impact on our world. The 10th Anniversary Edition of Subverting Hatred helps them do just that.

The Center's most popular titleused in more than 200 college courses to dateSubverting Hatred explores the mixed messages and conflicting testimony that emerge from an investigation into the theme of nonviolence in the sacred texts, oral teachings, and actual practice of major world religions. Concise and illuminating essays by scholar-practitioners offer critical perspectives from a wide range of religious traditions, including Jain, Buddhist, Hindu, Taoist, Confucian, Christian, Islamic, Jewish, and indigenous.

A new introduction and epilogue, by Daniel Smith-Christopher and Donald Swearer respectively, place the original essays in the context of today's highly charged social, religious, and political environment. Also included are a new foreword and preface, as well as two new chapters: one from Amir Hussain on his experience as a Muslim scholar in post-9/11 America, and one from Donald Tamihere on subverting hatred in the Maori tradition.

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