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During 2008, the Ikeda Center transitioned to an e-newsletter format. Called Peace, Learning, and Dialogue News, our digital publication is emailed directly to interested members of the Ikeda Center network. Each issue features notices on upcoming events, feature stories on recent events, interviews with thought leaders in the Ikeda Center community, and more. Join the network today!

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E-Newsletter Archive

Please visit our e-newsletter archives. The archived e-newsletters begin with the February 2008 issue. You can browse the PDFs below for earlier newsletters.

Print Newsletter Archives

The hyperlinked print newsletters are available for viewing in PDF format. Highlights from these issues can also be found in the Thinkers and Themes section. (Note: The print newsletters were produced when the Ikeda Center was called the Boston Research Center for the 21st Century.)

Newsletter # 28, Winter 2008

Teaching and learning in the global ethics classroom; interview with Paul Knitter

Newsletter # 27 Spring/Summer 2007

"Emerson and the Imagination"; learning circles; interview with David Hansen

Newsletter # 26, Spring/Summer 2006

Eleanor Roosevelt Lecture on Global Vision; interview with Mary Catherine Bateson; Richard Seager on mentors and disciples

Newsletter # 25, Fall 2005/Winter 2006

"Talking Back to Whitman"; education for sustainability; interview with Neva Goodwin

Newsletter # 24, Spring/Summer 2005

Gloria White Hammond lecture; perspectives on community; interview with Ceasar McDowell

Newsletter # 23, Fall 2004/Winter 2005

Cross-cultural perspectives on Walden; character education; critical thinking; Haggith Gor Ziv interview

Newsletter # 22, Spring/Summer 2004

Janine Benyus on biomimicry; interview with Sayra Pinto; 2004 Ikeda peace proposal

Newsletter # 21 (10th Anniversary Issue), 2003

Barbara Lee lecture; restorative justice; interview with Ginny Straus Benson

Newsletter # 20, Fall 2002/Winter 2003

Compassion and social healing; literature and moral imagination; interview with Nur Yalman

Newsletter # 19, Spring/Summer 2002

The legacy of John Dewey; interview with Linda Lantieri; Fannie Lou Hamer Lecture with Linda Stout

Newsletter # 18, Fall 2001/Winter 2002

Earth Charter in action; Soka University in America; interview with Steven Rockefeller; perspectives on 9/11

Newsletter # 17, Spring/Summer 2001

Economic justice seminar series; Riane Eisler lecture; Amartya Sen lecture; interview with Vittorio Falsina

Newsletter # 16, Winter 2001

Charles Derber on globalization; interview with Riane Eisler; Elise Boulding and Cultures of Peace

Newsletter # 15, Spring/Summer 2000

"Creating Peace with Self, Sister, and Society"; preventing genocide; religion and peacebuilding

Newsletter # 14, Winter 2000
Buddhist Peacework published; Ikeda on cultures of peace in the new millenium

The following newsletters are currently unavailable

Newsletter # 13, Spring/Summer 1999
Cultures of Peace conference series with Boulding, True, Alperovitz, Joseph, and more

Newsletter # 12, Winter 1999
Three books pubished, including Subverting Hatred; Buddhist outlook on life and death

Newsletter # 11, Summer/Fall 1998
Earth Charter consultation; Economics lecture with Neva Goodwin and Richard Parker

Newsletter # 10, Winter 1998
Global Citizen Awards with Oscar Arias and Randall Forsberg; Joseph Rotblat interview; Earth Charter update

Newsletter # 9, Fall 1997
Women leaders review Earth Charter; Elise Boulding interview; Buddhism in America conference

Newsletter # 8, Spring 1997
Reigion and Ecology conference, co-convened by John Bertrong and Mary Evelyn Tucker

Newsletter # 7, Winter 1997
Global Citizen Awards with Adolfo Perez Esquivel and Hazel Henderson; Juan Somovia interview

Newsletter # 6, Fall 1996
Women's leadership; engaged Buddhism; Daisaku Ikeda lecture at Columbia University

Newsletter # 5, Spring 1996
Religion and Transnational Civil Society; Harding interview; Ethical, spiritual dimensions of social progress

Newsletter # 4, Winter 1996
First Global Citizen Award with Elise Boulding and John Montgomery; Civil society dialogues

Newsletter # 3, Spring 1995
New home for the BRC; Robert Thurman interview; "Modernity and its Discontents" seminar

Newsletter # 2, Winter 1994
Conference on UN, Human Rights, and Religions; Tu Weiming interview

Newsletter # 1, Spring 1994
Dialogue series: "Is Nonviolence Possible in a Violent World," with James Carroll, Vito Perrone, and more


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