Lectures and Talks

This section features original presentations delivered at Ikeda Center events. Among the accomplished presenters are two winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. Selected presentations from our annual Ikeda Forum can be viewed in our video section.

Gar Alperovitz Gar Alperovitz is an economist. He asks: How can we grow our systems "in an evolutionary reconstructive way"?
Oscar Arias Oscar Arias is winner of the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize. His topic here is the need for a new ethics in the 21st century.
Walden Bello Walden Bello is the winner of the 2003 Right Livelihood Award. Here, he confronts corporate-driven globalization.
Elise Boulding Elise Boulding, "the matriarch of peace studies," gave this talk, "Peace Culture: Living With Difference."
Elise Boulding Elise Boulding wrote many books, including Cultures of Peace. This talk looks at peace cultures in the 21st century.
Young Seek Choue Young Seek Choue of Kyung Hee University says our ethical values must be equal to modern challenges.
Riane Eisler Riane Eisler is author of The Chalice and the BladeThis talk is called "Toward an Economics of Caring."
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, Nobel Peace Prize winner, urges us not to "resign ourselves to the difficulties around us."
Randall Forsberg Randall Forsberg was an expert in disarmamant issues. Her talk is called "Ending War: Thinking the Unthinkable."
Vincent Harding Vincent Harding, confidant of MLK, Jr., explores "The America That Has Not Yet Been, Trying To Be Born."
Larry Hickman Larry Hickman is co-editor of The Essential Dewey. This lecture examines Dewey's democratic vision.
Donna Hicks Donna Hicks spoke on the role of dignity in our lives and relationships at this January 2015 event.
Paul Joseph Paul Joseph of Tufts University identifies foundations for peace cultures within the popular culture of the US. 
Pam Kircher Pam Kircher, a family and hospice physician in Colorado, explores the impact of the hospice movement.
Megan Laverty Megan Laverty of Teachers College comments what children can teach us about openness in the face of death.
John D. Montgomery John D. Montgomery taught at Harvard for decades. He calls us to reject despair, disillusion, and cynicism.
Anita Patterson Anita Patterson of Boston University composed these reflections on the role of literature in times of division.
Vito Perrone Vito Perrone, late of Harvard, discussed "Our Continuing Imperative: Education for Peace and Social Justice."
Steven Rockefeller Steven Rockefeller of Middlebury College compares the ethical thought of Daisaku Ikeda and John Dewey.
Michael True Michael True is a scholar on the history on nonviolence. What are the essential characteristics of peace cultures?
Sarah Wider  Sarah Wider discussed "Calling the Imagination Home: Traveling with Emerson on a Train of Thought."

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