Thoughts on Our Convictions

Please scroll down for contributions from: 1) Gonzalo Obelleiro of Columbia University; 2) Jason Goulah of DePaul University; 3) Bill Schubert of the University of Illinois at Chicago; 4) Ved Nanda of the University of Denver; and 5) Winston Langley of the University of Massachusetts Boston. Read about our convictions here.

Gonzalo Obelleiro: Differentiating Knowledge and Wisdom

Gonzalo Obelleiro, a native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is a doctoral student of philosophy and education at Teachers College, Columbia University. His research is intended, he says, “to introduce the perspective of Soka education into the already serious, dynamic, and diverse conversations on cosmopolitanism and education.” Here, he explores ideas related to our second conviction, "It is critical to maintain faith in people's potential for good," and our third conviction, "Humanistic education is vital to global progress."


Jason Goulah: Educating the Full Human Being

Dr. Jason Goulah is Associate Professor and Director of Bilingual-Bicultural Education and Director of World Languages Education in the College of Education at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. He has authored over 30 articles and chapters on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy and practice of education. Here he reflects on ideas related to our second conviction: "Humanistic education is vital to global progress."


Bill Schubert: The Educators Faith in Potential for Good

Bill Schubert is Professor Emeritus of Curriculum and Instruction, University of Illinois at Chicago. His books include "Curriculum: Perspective, Paradigm, and Possibility." In this clip he offers thoughts on our third conviction: "It is critical to maintain faith in people's potential for good."


Ved Nanda: Dialogue and Mutual Understanding

Dr. Ved Nanda is Evans University Professor and Thompson G. Marsh Professor of Law at Denver University. His focus is international law. Among many positions of international service, he is Past President of the World Jurist Association and now its Honorary President. In this clip he offers thoughts on our first conviction: "Dialogue and Mutual Understanding Are Inseparable and Needed Now More Than Ever."


Winston Langley: On the Reform of Self and Society

Dr. Winston Langley is Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the University of Massachusetts, Boston. In this clip he offers thoughts on our fifth conviction: "Reform of self is essential to reform of society."

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