Asking Questions Together: What Is Our Path Forward?

Because it was conducted on Zoom, our June 11 dialogue event was called a “virtual” one. Yet there was nothing simulated or “less than” about the conversations that took place when 250 participants from 19 countries around the world gathered online for “Asking Questions Together: What Is Our Path Forward?” The panel discussion featured Dr. Ceasar McDowell (Professor of Civic Design, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Ikeda Center Student Ambassadors Giulia Pellizzato (Postdoctoral Fellow, Brown University) and Anthony Jojola (Masters candidate, Boston College) who shared thoughts on the power and necessity of asking deep and thoughtful questions as we attempt to move forward in the quest for just, healthy, and thriving communities. After the panel segment, participants submitted their own questions, which formed the basis of small group discussions.

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