Book Launch Event with Ved Nanda

Ved Nanda

Eminent figure in international law Ved Nanda recently spoke at the Ikeda Center about themes from Our World To Make: Hinduism, Buddhism, and the Rise of Global Civil Society, which he co-authored with Daisaku Ikeda. The event nicely illustrated the Ikeda Center’s commitment to peace building at every level, from the personal to the global, the microcosm to the macrocosm. It celebrated friendship among individuals as well as the friendship toward humanity demonstrated by the individuals and NGOs who work internationally to promote human rights, widespread education, and the rule of law rather than the rule of force.

During the discusssion Dr. Nanda said, “Please know that it’s not simply governments that at the present time are going to bring about change." Rather, “we as individuals, we as part of civil society,” have the ability and responsibility to work for and bring about positive change.

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