A Call to Action for Global Citizenship

The introduction to Stephen Gould's new essay on Daisaku Ikeda's 2017 Peace Proposal includes these observations on Ikeda's vision of global citizenship:

Mr. Ikeda advances the idea that educating young people for global citizenship can create a desire in youth to help others and activate the potential of youth to do good, and that their actions as global citizens can bring about global change, end suffering, and restore hope. He believes that educating for global citizenship contributes to greater understanding of others and can help counterbalance the tendency to marginalize and sacrifice the wellbeing of the most vulnerable. He believes that doing all that one can do to help others results in happiness for others and for oneself. Delving deeper into the meaning of happiness, he suggests that we should not consider happiness to be the absence of suffering. Instead, he asserts that from our consideration of suffering and the actions we take when we encounter suffering, happiness can evolve.

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