Dialogue and True Words of the Heart

Is our polarization simply the result of politics and the sort of partisanship that characterizes political campaigns of the sort we have witnessed during 2020? Daisaku Ikeda argues that the real problem is that all of us too easily settle for superficiality: “In society today," he says, "truthful words are few. Words of self-interest and calculation deluge us, as do frivolous words and words intended to cause injury. These days, we simply don’t hear words of truth that issue from the depths of one person’s heart and penetrate the heart of another.” He continues, saying that the way to elicit “truthful and gentle words” and “words spoken in good faith,” is to engage in “dignified dialogue, never losing our inner latitude, poise and humor.” In this November 2020 essay, Mitch Bogen draws from Ikeda's published dialogue books to explore how dialogue summons true words of the heart and activates the inner capacities necessary for peacebuilding.

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