Dialogue Nights #3 Photo Gallery!

Dialogue Nights 3 small group

On Friday, December 1, the Ikeda Center welcomed nearly 50 Boston-area students and young professionals for our third Dialogue Nights event of Fall 2017. The gathering featured Professor Ceasar McDowell of MIT leading everyone in an exploration of "The Power of Raised Voices." Employing a unique approach, Dr. McDowell facilitated a dialogue about dialogue, or rather, a dialogue about why so many of us are reluctant to engage in the kinds of conversations that are needed if we are to become a healthier, more harmonious society.

The point wasn't that it's wrong to be reluctant, but rather, that if we begin to understand the sources of our reticence, we will have taken the first step in developing our capacities for meaningful dialogue. After the end of the formal event, participants continued their conversations in the reception area, while taking occasional breaks to pose in our "photo booth."

View a photo gallery here!

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