Fred Rogers on "Life's Little Epiphanies"

[Posted by M. Bogen, 5-15-13] By now we should know better than to be surprised by the wisdom of Fred Rogers, AKA Mr. Rogers, who died ten years ago but still maintains the power to inspire. We recently came across a link on Twitter to a lovely interview with Mr. Rogers conducted by Karen Herman in 1999. The following quote really illuminates the meaning of value creation.

“The major dramas in life are never center stage. And they’re rarely under the bright lights," said Rogers. "They’re always happening off-camera. The best things of life are, are way offstage, never highly touted. It’s the little epiphanies of life that matter most. It’s those moments when somebody will tell you, ‘You really did help me in a way that you could have never known. Just by being there and just by being you.’”

It's probably fair to think of the late Fred Rogers as a bodhisattva of modern media.

Read more highlights from the interview here.

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