New Article! 2016 Ikeda Forum with Ceasar McDowell

2016 Ikeda Forum discussion

Compared to what he envisions as the work of true democracy, the current presidential contest, said Ceasar McDowell, defined as it is by rancor and a scarcity of content, amounts to little more than theater. McDowell offered this perspective in his role as the featured speaker and dialogue facilitator at the 13th Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue, called “Crisis or Opportunity: A Dialogue on Democracy, Inclusion, Community.” Held at the Ikeda Center on October 27, just twelve days before the 2016 elections and near the end of a year marked by bitter and emotional conflict across the United States, the event featured a capacity crowd who came ready to look deeply and carefully into what is needed to bridge the seemingly unbridgeable expanses that divide us.

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