New Podcast Episodes

Two new episodes of the Ikeda Center podcast are now available for listening. The first episode features peace activist and New York City public school educator Matt Meyer in part two of a discussion of peace as a classroom practice. In it, he says: “If you go in with respect, with the truth, with your own honest self, no matter what you teach, you will most likely get it back from at least the vast majority of students you're teaching. And to me that says a lot, not just about how to become a good teacher, but how to become a good organizer and a good person.” 

Listen to the Matt Meyer episode

The other episode features Judith Thompson discussing "Social Healing and the Greater Self." In 1984, Thompson co-founded Children of War, Inc., an award-winning international youth leadership organization that supported the vision and leadership of young activists from 22 war-torn countries. She continues to do social healing work globally. In Thompson's view, “the social healing lens is really a paradigm; it’s a vision that arises basically from the inherent truth of interconnectivity, which is to say it’s a lens of compassion. And I see it as an evolutionary step for us."


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