Our Most Viewed Articles of 2016!

Here's a Top Ten list of our website articles that received the most views during 2016. The mix ranges from our page featuring the poems of Mary Oliver to Yoichi Kawada's discussion of the Buddhist outlook on life and death to Nobel Laureate Amartya Sen's essay on his concept of development as freedom. The Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue is our signature event, so it was gratifying to find features on three separate forums on our list. Enjoy, and please join us for more peace investigations in 2017! [Posted 12-29-16]

1. "What is Community?", a collection of reflections on the nature of community from diverse scholars and activists

2. Poems of Mary Oliver

3. "Growing Peace: Gandhi, Montessori, and What It Means to Begin With the Children," an essay by Mitch Bogen

4. "Development As Freedom," an essay by Amartya Sen

5. 2015 Ikeda Forum feature: "The Practice of Dignity: What It Means Today"

6. "The Personal Is Social: Inner Transformation As the Foundation for Helping Others," an essay by Natalie Evans

7. "The Buddhist Outlook On Life and Death," feature story on a talk by Yoichi Kawada

8. "Glimmers of Hope: Peace Education Around the Globe," report from a panel discussion co-hosted with the University of San Francisco

9. 2007 Ikeda Forum feature: "Women and the Power of Friendship"

10. 2011 Ikeda Forum feature: "Cultivating the Greater Self"

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