Our Teachers College Press Titles

We were thrilled when Teachers College Press chose our newest book, Hope and Joy in Education: Engaging Daisaku Ikeda Across Curriculum and Context, for April 2021 publication. This is because TC Press is the most prominent university-based publisher of academic education titles in the US while also being among the most respected in the field. Their reach is wide and their quality high. Hope and Joy is actually not our only TC Press title, however. In the mid-oughts, just prior to the years 2009 through 2018 when we focused on publishing Ikeda dialogues through our own Dialogue Path Press, we published two innovative and highly successful volumes with Teachers College: Educating Citizens for Global Awareness in 2005 and Ethical Visions of Education: Philosophies in Practice in 2007.

Both featured the participation as editors of leading philosophers of education: Nel Nodding for Educating Citizens and David T. Hansen for Ethical Visions. Like Hope and Joy in Education, these are multi-author volumes that gather contributions from leading education scholar-practitioners. And both are still highly relevant, with content that is both timeless and forward looking. Education Citizens addresses key dimensions of global citizenship education, such as gender perspectives and place-based learning, topics that grow more vital everday. Ethical Visions is an exemplar of multicultural, pluralistic education discourse, with chapters exploring the pedagogies and philosophies of global figures ranging from John Dewey to Paulo Freire, Maria Montessori to Tsunesaburo Makiguchi.

You can learn more about Education Citizens here and purchase it at its TC Press book page.

You can learn more about Ethical Visions here and purchase it at its TC Press book page.

Posted by M. Bogen: May 6, 2021

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