The Personal is Social

In her new essay for the Ikeda Center website, "The Personal Is Social," Natalie Evans observes:

Often, we attribute our powerlessness to other people, institutions, or forces. This is when the “blame game” comes into play. We accuse: “You’re wrong. You’ve created this for me. I’m the victim.” But this is not the complete truth. While we are certainly impacted by social conditions as well as the actions of others, other people don’t have control over our emotions, reactions, and inner states. And so, the most important way that we can create a positive inner transformation is by taking accountability for our own actions, especially when it might feel easier to fault others. As Center founder Daisaku Ikeda explains, “Human revolution means turning our lives in a positive direction, from unhappiness to happiness. It is the transformation of the tendency to allow ourselves to be swept along by force of habit or to feel ourselves at the mercy of the whims of destiny.”

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