Photo Gallery from the 2018 Ikeda Forum!

Elora Chowdhury at the Ikeda Forum

On Friday, November 30th, we held our 14th Annual Ikeda Forum, which explored the timely theme: "How Do We Practice Human Rights? A Dialogue on Dignity and Justice in Daily Life." More than one hundred participants joined our three panelists (Catia Confortini of Wellesley College, Elora Chowdhury of UMass Boston, and Jason Goulah of DePaul University) to discuss what it means to live in dignity, what a culture of human rights looks like, and what each of us can do in our daily life to create this culture. Participants shared a number of human rights "determininations," including "to remove all acts of 'othering' in interacting with others," "to show respect and give dignity to whomever I encounter," and "to monitor my own judgements, assumptions, and prejudices about my fellow human beings." Stay tuned for the full length write-up on the forum.

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