A Report from our 2020 Ikeda Forum!

The first ever “virtual” Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue demonstrated the very concept it explored: value creation. There is no replacing the particular energy and sense of connection that define good in-person events. But there is true meaning to be found and fresh experiences to be had in the creative responses to the pandemic that has altered daily life around the globe in ways both painful and tragic, unimaginable just one year ago. This 16th annual Ikeda Forum, which was called “Value Creation: Our Unlimited Power to Face Overwhelming Challenges” and held on December 10, demonstrated this truth vividly. The event was inspired by Daisaku Ikeda’s conviction that “our daily lives are filled with opportunities to develop ourselves and those around us. Each of our interactions with others—dialogue, exchange and participation—is an invaluable chance to create value.”

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