Report from Our June 2017 Soka Education Gathering

Soka seminar discussion

The field of Soka education studies took a big step forward this June. That’s when fourteen education scholars gathered to discuss how the practice of Soka, or value-creating, education can revitalize US education. The seminar was moderated by Jason Goulah, Director of the Institute for Daisaku Ikeda Studies in Education at DePaul University. He led participants in an exploration of first, how Soka education can uniquely address the most pressing issues in contemporary education, and second, the related question of how it intersects with each scholar’s individual research interests. And what did the scholars identify as the most pressing issue facing US educators? They didn't point to test score achievement, but rather to the anxiety and lack of joy that pervade the American school system. Anything done to revive that joy is value creation of the first order.

Read our report, called "Can Education Be Joyful?"

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