Restorative Justice in Schools

[Posted by M. Bogen, 7-17-13] Restorative justice, a profound concept which we explored in a 2003 seminar series, can play out and be practiced in many settings. A recent New York Times article (April 2013) shows how the principles of restorative justice are being applied in the Oakland, California public school system. School leaders there are trying to reduce reliance on on punitive measures such as suspension while proactively creating conditions for a more peaceful, just, and compassionate school environment. As writer Patricia Leigh Brown explains in her piece, a school restorative justice program "tries to nip problems and violence in the bud by forging closer, franker relationships among students, teachers and administrators. It encourages young people to come up with meaningful reparations for their wrongdoing while challenging them to develop empathy for one another through [group discussions known as] 'talking circles'”.

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