Spotlight: Ben Ferencz Offers Peacebuilding Wisdom

Ben Ferencz

The great humanist and peacebuilder Ben Ferencz appeared on 60 Minutes last night (June 27) in an interview with Lesley Stahl. The segment reminded us how lucky we were to have hosted Mr. Ferencz for a visit in 2015. The only living prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials, Ferencz is tireless in traveling the world to communicate his twin messages of Law Not War! and Never Give Up! In addition to his successful prosection of high-ranking Nazis at Nuremberg, he was instrumental in the creation of the International Criminal Court in 1998. Ferencz is a truly one-of-a-kind human being, one who pursues the most serious of issues with firm conviction, yes, but also with unmistakable good humor and lightness of spirit. Click here to enage with the hard-earned, uplifting wisdom he shared with us.

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