Visit Our New Poetry Section!

[Posted 2-8-13] With the launch of our new site we took the opportunity to create a section that celebrates poems that capture and invoke the spirit of peace and harmony. We've started by posting poems that have featured prominently in our public events, including works by Langston Hughes, Walt Whitman, and Denise Levertov (shown here). We also feature Daisaku Ikeda's major poem "The Triumph of the Human Spirit," which he wrote in 2006 to celebrate and serve as the Preface for our book Creating Waldens. We will continue to add to this section as we reflect on Levertov's words: "But peace, like a poem, / is not there ahead of itself, / can't be imagined before it is made, / can't be known except / in the words of its making, / grammar of justice, / syntax of mutual aid." Visit the poetry section now!

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