A Website User's Guide

Here's a guide to each section of the Ikeda Center website.


This one might be self-evident, but here you can link to updates on all our recent activity. Also, the rotating slideshow provides links to some of our key resources, so that's a pretty good way to enter the site. Beneath the slideshow you can view a video introduction to our work, created in 2014 and featuring many of our friends.


This section actually includes some of our best content. With so much content spread throughout the site, it's possible that regular visitors have never even visited our About section. Definitely take a look. In addition to learning about our founder and our history, you can read about our Vision and Mission as well as the Core Convictions that drive our work.

20th Anniversary

We celebrated our anniversary in 2013, but the special section we created that year includes so many unique resources that we've made it permanent. One powerful subsection features messages that Daisaku Ikeda has composed to commemorate Center milestones. These provide a great introduction to Mr. Ikeda's philosophy and his hopes for our Center. Among other features, you can view a detailed timeline of Center activities, going back to our founding in 1993.

Ikeda Forum

The Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue is our signature event. Each year the forum brings together influential scholars to discuss themes drawn not only from humanistic Buddhism but a wide range of philosophical and religious traditions. This section will let you know in a concise way what we care about.

Thinkers & Themes

This is the most content-rich section of our site. The Thinkers subsection features, in the form of interviews, essays, and lectures, the insights of more than four dozen of our scholarly friends. The Themes subsection organizes articles on our events and seminars by themes such as Dialogue, Humanistic Philosophy & Education, American Renaissance, and Peace Cultures.

Books & Publications

Learn about all of our books here. Prior to 2009 we developed books in collaboration with publishers like Orbis and Teachers College Press. These include titles such as Subverting Hatred and Ethical Visions of Education. In 2009 we launched our own imprint, Dialogue Path Press, and have since published six titles featuring Daisaku Ikeda in dialogue with accomplished scholars who share our interest in peace. The most recent title is Living As Learning: John Dewey in the 21st Century, with Jim Garrison and Larry Hickman. You can also view our print- and e-newsletter archives.

Photos & Videos

Currently this section presents photo galleries from our last 15 events, and 12 sets of video clips featuring friends of the Center such as Lou Marinoff, Donna Hicks, Vincent Harding, and Sarah Wider.

News & Blog

This is a good place to begin your search of our site. We actually have three categories of information here: 1) News items, which include coverage of our recent events and updates on our publications and programs; 2) Spotlight items that draw attention to various, timely resources on our site; and 3) Blog entries, which offer commentary on issues relating to our work, often presenting insights of scholars in our network.

You can link to our Facebook and Twitter pages using the links in the top righthand corner of the website.




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