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Vincent Harding

The quest for peace, like peace itself, is multi-faceted. It includes dimensions of justice, education, nonviolence, creativity, and mutual understanding. Since 1993, the Ikeda Center has sought to explore the dimensions of peace from as many perspectives as possible. In this section, which features articles, lectures, and interviews, you can experience the cumulative wisdom of the thinkers who have been associated with the Center, and co-investigate the themes that have been explored through our events, dialogues, and projects. Shown above is Vincent Harding, who spoke at the Center in September 2008. You can also search for specific events.


This section is organized by name, and the content features first-person material in the form of interviews, essays, and lecture transcripts. Friends of the Center included heremore than four dozen in allrange from Oscar Arias to Steven Rockefeller, Elise Boulding to Mary Catherine Bateson, and beyond.
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This section is organized by topic. Some of the material overlaps with the Thinkers section, but includes additional articles, feature stories, and in-depth event summaries. What do Dialogue and Restorative Justice have in common? Humanistic Education and Environmental Ethics?
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