THEMES: Women's Leadership

World peace depends on the vision, insights, and leadership of all humans. Over the years, the Center has invited a number of dynamic women to share their ideas and inspirations as we move forward.

Women As Peacemakers: A Relational Perspective

In this essay from 2003, Janet Surrey of the Wellesley Centers for Women introduces the Relational Cultural Theory of human development.
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I Am My Sister's Keeper

This article reports on a 2005 lecture by Rev. Gloria White-Hammond introducing her work supporting women of southern Sudan in their efforts toward the reconciliation and reconstruction of their communities.
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Women and the Power of Friendship

The 2007 Ikeda Forum gathered female scholars and activists to consider how women's relationships over the last two centuries have sustained and empowered them in their efforts toward wider social justice and well being.
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Women Leaders Review the Earth Charter

In 1997, the Center sponsored the Women's Consultation on the Earth Charter. The Earth Charter articulates "fundamental ethical principles for building a just, sustainable and peaceful global society in the 21st century."
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Dessima Williams: Women's Leadership Is Everywhere

Dessima Williams is the Ambassador of Grenada to the United Nations was a professor of Sociology and Social Policy at Brandeis. This 1996 interview explores ways women are emerging as leaders in the context of our global economy.
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