These essays explore topics such as creativity, education, dialogue, and economics, often placing Buddhism into conversation with other philosophical or ethical traditions.

John Berthrong John Berthrong is a scholar of comparative theology. This essay explores the history, meaning, and uses of creativity.
Janet Hart Janet Hart of the Mass. College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences sees public health as key to global well being.
Hazel Henderson Hazel Henderson, the renowned futurist, writes about "Education: Key Investments in the Wealth of Nations."
Larry Hickman Larry Hickman is a leading John Dewey scholar. This essay is called "The Lasting Legacy of John Dewey."
Chandra Muzaffar Jane Roland Martin wrote this piece in 2010. Education, she says, happens everywhere, not just in schools.
Chandra Muzaffar Chandra Muzaffar is co-editor, with theologian Paul Knitter, of Subverting Greed, which is excerpted here.
Anita Patterson Anita Patterson of Boston University explores literature and humanism in "True Books in a True Spirit."
Amartya Sen Amartya Sen won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Economics. This essay discusses themes from his Development As Freedom.

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