As an organization devoted to dialogue as the surest path to peace, the Ikeda Center values the interview format for engaging with old and new ideas and truths. Please visit our videos section for more interviews.

Mary Catherine Bateson Mary Catherine Bateson is a cultural anthropologist and bestselling author. She explores "A Time for Active Wisdom."
Virginia Straus Benson Virginia Straus Benson is Executive Director of the Ikeda Center. Here, she reflects on the Center's first ten years.
Janine Benyus Janine Benyus is author of Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature. We can look to nature for creative solutions.
Boulding & Forsberg Elise Boulding and Randall Forsberg discuss themes from their book-length dialogue Abolishing War.
Carolyn Boyes-Watson Carolyn Boyes-Watson is a scholar and practitioner of restorative justice, the subject of this conversation.
Robin Casarjian & Judith Thompson Robin Casarjian & Judith Thompson are leaders in the field of social healing. What is "the healing paradigm"?
Catia Confortini Catia Confortini of Wellesley College explores and celebrates the interrelationship of peace, justice, and feminism.
Harvey Cox
Harvey Cox of Harvard Divinity School discusses themes from his book The Future of Faith.
Riane Eisler Riane Eisler is a a cultural historian and bestselling author. This interview looks at the "Economics of Caring."
Riane Eisler Benjamin Ferencz is the only surving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials. Here he urges: Law Not War!
Neva Goodwin Neva Goodwin is an economist at Tufts University. Here, she discusses "contextual economics."
Stephen Gould Stephen Gould directs the ed. leadership program at Lesley University. Explored here: "The Music of Leadership."
David Hansen David Hansen of Teachers College, Columbia University looks here at the moral dimensions of education.
Vincent Harding Vincent Harding, influential activist and historian, calls for "Nonviolent Change of Revolutionary Depth."
Donna Hicks Donna Hicks is the author of Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict, the topic of this 2014 conversation.
Flower image Victor Kazanjian is a veteran of movements for religious pluralism. The topic here is "Education and the Middle Way."
Pam Kirsher Pam Kircher is a veteran hospice physician. This conversation is on "Humanizing Healthcare and the Process of Dying."
Paul Knitter Paul Knitter is a leading theologian of religious pluralism. Explored here: ethics and the search for common ground.
Winston Langley Winston Langley, a scholar of human rights, explores "inner journeys and global transformations."
Linda Lantieri Linda Lantieri is Director of the Inner Resilience Project. This 2002 piece is called "The Power of Holistic Education." 
Bernice Lerner Bernice Lerner is author of All the Horrors of War, the story of her mother's liberation from Bergen-Belsen.
Flower image Bernard Lown is co-founder of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War.
Ceasar McDowell Ceasar McDowell is Professor of the Practice of Community Development at M.I.T. Here, he explains "Bg Democracy."
Mary Lee Morrison Mary Lee Morrison is the biographer of Elise Boulding. Discussed: "The Beauty and Strength of Peace Building."
Mary Lee Morrison Nel Noddings is one of our great philosophers of education. This piece is "To Reduce War You Must Understand It."
Isabel Nunez Isabel Nuñez, coeditor of Hope and Joy in Education, discusses hope, joy, Daisaku Ikeda, and contemporary education
Gonzalo Obelleiro Gonzalo Obelleiro is a scholar of value-creating education. What are the moral dimensions of Soka education?
Steven Rockerfeller Steven Rockefeller, professor emeritus of religion at Middlebury College, discusses "Ethics and the Earth Charter."
Flower image Joseph Rotblat, founder of the Pugwash Conferences, offers insights on "Thinking Beyond Nuclear Weaons."
Peter Stearns Peter Stearns is University Professor at George Mason University. This piece looks at his book Peace In World History.
Judith Thompson Judith Thompson promotes social healing in countries riven by violence. Here she discusses "Compassion & Social Healing."
Flower image Robert Thurman is a leading scholar of religion. Here, he considers "Buddhism As Education."
Tu Weiming Tu Weiming, formerly of Harvard and now of Peking University, discusses the topic of "the dialogue of civilizations."
Nur Yalman Nur Yalman (2002) is a cultural anthropologist at Harvard University. This 2002 interview looks at the post-9/11 world.
Nur Yalman Nur Yalman (2009), co-author of A Passage To Peace with Daisaku Ikeda says that empathy makes us human.

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