The Dialogue Studio

The Dialogue Studio podcast will explore the transformational practice of dialogue and why it is important, especially in this current moment. In these episodes, you will hear from individuals from all walks of life sharing what dialogue means to them and how they are practicing it in their daily lives. We will also introduce Center founder Daisaku Ikeda's philosophy of dialogue and the various approaches and strategies we practice.

Podcast Episode 16: Our Stories Matter w/ Anna Liao and Mary Schletzbaum

In this final episode of 2022, Dialogue Studio host Lillian I speaks with two Ikeda Center youth committee members Anna Liao and Mary Schletzbaum about their experience participating in the 2022 Ikeda Forum, “Our Stories Matter: Dialogue As a Way of Knowing, Being, and Becoming.” Together, they reflect on their key takeaways from the forum, including the power and importance of sharing our personal stories, how to attend to each other’s story, and much more.
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Podcast Episode 15: Exploring Dignity, Agency, and Determined Hope w/ Jon Jacob & Olivia Fitzpatrick

In this episode, Dialogue Studio host Lillian I speaks with two doctoral students who participated in the 2022 Global Citizens Seminar at the Ikeda Center: Jonathan Jacob of Brandeis University and Olivia Fitzpatrick of Harvard University (their full bios are below). During the discussion, they reflect on their experience participating in the seminar; what dignity and agency looks like in their respective research; the role dialogue plays in their work and personal life; and more.
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Podcast Episode 14: Developing a Dialogic Disposition w/ Melissa Bradford

This month, we are joined by Dr. Melissa Bradford who is a Professional Lecturer in the Department of Leadership, Language and Curriculum at DePaul University. She teaches educational leadership, research methods, and value-creating education and directs the Internship Program for Principal, Superintendent, General and Higher Education Leadership Preparation. In 2008, she founded Tallgrass Sudbury School in Riverside, IL and currently serves as the president of its board of directors. Melissa was also a past fellow in the Ikeda Center’s Education Fellows Program. In this episode, host Lillian I talks with Melissa about her personal journey with dialogue; insights from her research on Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophical perspectives and practice of value-creative dialogue; what it means to have a dialogic disposition; the importance of dialogue today, and much more.
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Podcast Episode 13: Ingredients for Genuine Dialogue w/ Anri Tanabe & Preandra Noel

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I welcomes back her colleagues, Anri Tanabe and Preandra Noel, to discuss some of their necessary ingredients for genuine dialogue. In their conversation, they also examine some key foundations of successful dialogue emphasized by Mr. Ikeda. In addition, they explore the connection between dialogue and peace considering the current moment we are in.
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Episode 12: Dialogue as a Path for Growth w/ Cameron Morose and Saloni Dev

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I talks with two Ikeda Center Youth Committee members, Cameron Morose and Dr. Saloni Dev, about the role that dialogue has played in their inner growth; how to engage in dialogue that brings forth each person’s “inherent goodness;” and their thoughts on the positive impact dialogue can have on our society right now. Saloni is Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health and Community Medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine and her research interests are in public mental health. Cam just graduated with a masters in psychology and will be starting a new chapter as a psychologist in a Boston-area school.
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Podcast Episode 11: Creativity and Connection with Sarah Wider, Giulia Pellizzato, and Valentina Frasisti

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I talks with Dr. Sarah Wider, Dr. Giulia Pellizzato, and Valentina Frasisti about how they have been fostering creativity during the pandemic. They also reflect on their experiences engaging in dialogue with others and the natural world as well as the power of making connections. Dr. Wider is Professor of English and Women's Studies at Colgate University. Dr. Pellizzato earned her PhD in Italian Language, Literature and Culture from Università della Svizzera italiana and is now an Associate Researcher at Harvard. She also serves on the Center’s Youth Steering Committee. Valentina is currently a PhD student in Romance Languages and Literature at Harvard. 
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Podcast Episode 10: We are all poets! A dialogue with Andrea Rehani

This month, we are joined by Andrea (Andy) Rehani who is an Assyrian-Iraqi-American prose and poet writer. Her writing has been published in Grist: A Journal of the Literary Arts, MAKE: A Literary Magazine, and elsewhere. For the last five years, Andy has taught English and ESL to multilingual students in higher education in virtual and non-virtual spaces. Currently, she is working on her PhD in Curriculum Studies at DePaul University. In this episode, Lillian speaks with Andy about her experiences attending the Center’s virtual Dialogue Nights; how she is engaging with Daisaku Ikeda’s writings in her research; her reflections on “the poetic spirit”; and the role that dialogue plays in her life–both personally and professionally.  
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Podcast Episode 9: Empathy, Courage, and Connection: Examining Daisaku Ikeda’s 2022 Peace Proposal

In this episode, host Lillian I welcomes back Center staff Anri Tanabe and Preandra Noel to share reflections on Daisaku Ikeda’s 2022 Peace Proposal, “Transforming Human History: The Light of Peace and Dignity.” Some of the themes from the proposal they explore include the importance of fostering empathy; healing and community; the preciousness of all life; and creating a world where every individual feels the joy of being alive. Since 1983, Mr. Ikeda has issued an annual peace proposal offering a Buddhist perspective on and solutions to global problems. ⁣The full text of the 2022 Peace Proposal can be found on
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Podcast Episode 8: Creating Meaningful Dialogues in 2022 w/ Anna Lane & Jason Henriksen

Happy 2022! In this first episode of the new year, host Lillian I speaks with two members of the Center's youth steering committee Anna Lane and Jason Henriksen. They share their perspectives on how dialogue can help us navigate the many challenges we are currently facing. Tune in to hear their favorite quotes on dialogue, tips for engaging with others during the pandemic, and their personal experiences with dialogue!
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Podcast Episode 7: Reflecting on Season 1 of the Dialogue Studio w/ Anri Tanabe & Preandra Noel

In this special end-of-the-year episode, host Lillian I looks back on the first season of the Dialogue Studio with her colleagues Anri Tanabe and Preandra Noel. They discuss highlights from producing the podcast series together, including what stood out to them from the interviews; their own experiences with dialogue in 2021; and what they are looking forward to in 2022! Listen to the end of the episode to hear Anri and Pre share their inspiring perspectives on why we should practice dialogue in our lives more often. 
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Podcast Episode 6: Unpacking Dialogue Nights w/ Ana Pediet & Isaiah Moon

In this episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center youth committee members Ana Pediet and Isaiah Moon about their experiences attending the Center’s Dialogue Nights event series, which launched in 2017. As regulars of Dialogue Nights, Ana and Isaiah share memories of their first event, highlights over the years, and how their understanding and practice of dialogue has evolved since first coming to events at the Ikeda Center. 
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Podcast Episode 5: A Conversation with our Executive Director Kevin Maher

In this special episode of the Dialogue Studio, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center’s Executive Director Kevin Maher about the Center’s work and mission; memorable moments from his 19 years at the Center; how dialogue has played a role in his life; and much more. Listen to the end to hear one of Kevin’s favorite quotes from Center founder Daisaku Ikeda! 
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Podcast Episode 4: Dialogue Is Like Composting w/ Catia Confortini & Julie Olesky

In this episode, host Lillian I continues her conversations with individuals who participated in a 6-month long dialogue project the Ikeda Center organized in 2019. This time, Lillian speaks with not one but two of the participants: Julie Olesky, who is currently pursuing her masters in peace studies in Finland, and her dialogue partner, Catia Confortini, Associate Professor of Peace and Justice Studies at Wellesley College. 
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Podcast Episode 3: Your Passport To Global Citizenship w/ Burcu Gulec

In this episode, host Lillian I continues to engage with youth who participated in a 6-month long dialogue project the Ikeda Center organized in 2019. This time, she speaks with Ikeda Center Youth Committee member Burcu Gulec who is a singer, composer, and improviser. In their conversation, Burcu reflects on how she felt before entering the dialogue experiment, her key takeaways, and how the project influenced her art and her relationship with her dad. Tune in to hear Burcu’s thoughts on why dialogue can be our passport to global citizenship! 
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Podcast Episode 2: A Dialogue Experiment and Inner Transformation w/Nandini Choudhury

In this episode, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center Youth Committee member Nandini Choudhury about her experience participating in a 6-month long dialogue project the Ikeda Center organized in 2019. In their recent conversation, Nandini reflects on what she learned about dialogue through participating in the project, how it impacted her life at the time, and how she continues to practice dialogue in her daily life. 
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Podcast Episode 1: The Ikeda Center, Dialogue, and The Greater Self

On this first episode, Dialogue Studio host Lillian I kicks off the series with an introduction of the Ikeda Center: its work, mission, and founder Daisaku Ikeda. Lillian then explores Mr. Ikeda’s dialogue philosophy, unpacking what it means for us as a Center and why Mr. Ikeda believes that dialogue is the surest path to peace. 
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