The Dialogue Studio

In June 2021, we launched a new podcast called The Dialogue Studio!

This podcast series will explore the transformational practice of dialogue and why it is important, especially in this current moment.  

In these episodes, you will hear from individuals from all walks of life sharing what dialogue means to them and how they are practicing it in their daily lives. We will also introduce Center founder Daisaku Ikeda's philosophy of dialogue and the various approaches and strategies we practice.

Podcast Episode 2

In this episode, host Lillian I speaks with Ikeda Center Youth Committee member Nandini Choudhury about her experience participating in a 6-month long dialogue project the Ikeda Center organized in 2019. In their recent conversation, Nandini reflects on what she learned about dialogue through participating in the project, how it impacted her life at the time, and how she continues to practice dialogue in her daily life. 
Listen to Episode Two

Podcast Episode 1

On this first episode, Dialogue Studio host Lillian I kicks off the series with an introduction of the Ikeda Center: its work, mission, and founder Daisaku Ikeda. Lillian then explores Mr. Ikeda’s dialogue philosophy, unpacking what it means for us as a Center and why Mr. Ikeda believes that dialogue is the surest path to peace. 
Listen to Episode One

You can also find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and on our podcast website!

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