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On this page you can search for articles covering our events, arranged chronologically. For more complete coverage of events prior to 2007, please see our print newsletter archive. In some cases, mostly before 2007, we have published a transcript of an event's main talk or lecture instead of a feature story. These can be found in our Thinkers section, along with other "first person" materials. All of our stories on our annual Ikeda Forum, which launched in 2004, can be found here as well as in their own section of our website.


Dialogue Nights (Aug.): Friendship: An Antidote to Despair?

Dialogue Nights (May): Being Authentic

Dialogue Nights (March): The Loneliness Epidemic

Dialogue Nights (Jan.): Failing Forward

Seminar: The Art of Classroom Dialogue

2019 Education Fellows Gathering

Movie Nights (Sept.): The State of Pride

Movie Nights (June): American Textures (interracial dialogues)

Dignity Re-examined


Dialogue Nights (Dec.): Love: A Force Stronger Than Hate

Ikeda Forum: How Do We Practice Human Rights? 

Dialogue Nights (Oct.): Creating Hope Together

Dialogue Nights (July): Breaking Gender Stereotypes

Dialogue Nights (May): The Apathy Epidemic

Dialogue Nights (March): Learning to Live Together

Dialogue Nights (Jan.): The Invisible Arrow of Prejudice, War, and Conflict

Student-led Nuclear Abolition Seminar

Reardon-Zakharia nuclear abolition seminar, Part 2


Dialogue Nights (Dec.): The Power of Raised Voices

Dialogue Nights (Oct.): Life to Life Encounters In a Digital World

Dialogue Nights (Sept.): Soft Power and the Power of Friendship

Reardon-Zakharia nuclear abolition seminar, part 1

The state of Soka education: research and practice

The Role of Literature in Times of Division


Peace education panel: Glimmers of Hope

Ikeda Forum: Democracy, Inclusion, Community


Ikeda Forum: The Practice of Dignity

Our World To Make book launch with Ved Nanda

Conflict resolution seminar with Meenakshi Chhabra & Darren Kew

Donna Hicks: The Role Dignity Plays in our Lives and Relationships


Art of True Relations Author Event: The Poetic Heart of Human Possibility

Youth Seminar: Creativity, Peace Building, and Education

Ikeda Forum: Dignity of Life

Living As Learning book launch event at Teachers College

The Art of True Relations book launch event with Sarah Wider


Youth Seminar: Examing Assumptions About Peace and the Military

Ikeda Forum with Vincent Harding: Laboratory of Dreams

Garrison & Hickman Youth Seminar: A Multiplicity of Dialogues


Keith Motley Event: Education and Human Possibilities

Inner Philosopher Event with Lou Marinoff: Focusing on What's Right With Us

Ikeda Forum on Interdependence


Youth Seminar: Revisiting "The Age of Soft Power"

Education Seminar: Addressing Matters of Consequence

Ikeda Forum: The Greater Self


Into Full Flower Book Launch

Ikeda Forum on the Democratic Spirit


Dialogue in a Divided World

Creating Waldens Event: In Dialogue with Self, Nature, and Others

Ikeda Forum: John Dewey, Daisaku Ikeda, & the Quest for a New Humanism


Active Education, Active Democracy: Du Bois, Makiguchi, and Montessori

Learning to Learn About Death: Panel with Cox, Tu, Bateson, Yalman

Ikeda Forum: How Our Experiences with Death Change Us

Preparing for Death by Fostering Connections, with Bateson and Kawada


Re-imagining the Purposes of Education in Our Time

Ikeda Forum: Women and the Power of Friendship


Ikeda Forum: Emerson and the Power of Imagination


Ikeda Forum: Talking Back to Whitman: Poetry Matters

Report on "Women of Courage" Event with Gloria White-Hammond


1st Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue: Walden and Beyond

"Biomicry" Lecture by Janine Benyus


Nagler & Lappe: Challenging Assumptions, Empowering Peace

Re-imaging Self, Other, & the Natural World, Part 1

Re-imaging Self, Other, & the Natural World, Part 2


Humanistic Education: Beyond the Traditional/Progressive Divide


Beyond Consumerism: Constructing a Transformative Politics


Religious Pluralism and Transformative Education


Women and the Earth Charter Conference

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