Mission & What We Do


Our mission is to build cultures of peace through learning and dialogue inspired by Buddhist humanism.

What We Do

All of our work is aimed at helping to establish a shared global ethic across cultures and religions—an ethic based on respect for the absolute sanctity of life itself, a firm belief in the human potential for good and for transforming the world, and a clear recognition of the interdependence of all life. 

Our programs include the development of multi-author books on topics in peace, learning, and dialogue; a fellows program to advance research on a humanistic form of learning called value-creating education; an annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue; and “Dialogue Nights” for college students and young professionals. These programs are inspired by founder Daisaku Ikeda's belief that open-hearted, open-minded dialogue presents humankind with the surest path to peace.

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