Dialogue Nights

Reflections during the Aug 2019 Dialogue Nights at the Ikeda Center

Youth sharing reflections at Dialogue Nights.

Dialogue Nights brings Boston-area university students and young professionals together for heart-to-heart dialogue. Through a combination of icebreakers, small group discussions, and open reflection, participants explore a range of issues concerning young people today.

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What Inspired Dialogue Nights?

Recognizing that youth today often struggle with intense feelings of anxiety, pressure, and loneliness, we launched Dialogue Nights in September of 2017. Our intention is to provide a safe and brave space for young people to engage in meaningful dialogue on topics that are of pressing concern to youth. Inspired by Center founder Daisaku Ikeda’s belief in the infinite potential of youth to be agents of change in their local communities, Dialogue Nights aims to foster hope amongst young people through the transformative power of dialogue.

The Dialogue Nights Experience

If we were to choose just a few words to describe the spirit of Dialogue Nights we certainly would say open-hearted and open-minded, which are core values of ours. We would also say that it is relevant to the lives of young adults in our pressure-filled society. Some of the topics give us a feel for what this has looked like over the last few years: “The Courage to Listen: What It Means and Why It Matters”; “Countering Burnout with the Power of Connection”; The Loneliness Epidemic: Can We Talk About It?; and “Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Revealing Our True Nature.” Perhaps the best way, though, to get a sense for the joy and authenticity of Dialogue Nights is in the words of those who participate.

  • “I come to Dialogue Nights to meet all kinds of people and get interesting ideas going. It’s also a wonderful community and opportunity to connect.” – Jahna Goldmore
  • “I attended two dialogue nights where we covered the topics of failure and loneliness. It was really enjoyable to speak with individuals I had never met before and learn from different perspectives / life experiences. It was also very refreshing to engage in such meaningful conversations, as we often get stuck in the habit of sticking to surface-level topics. My friends and I left feeling uplifted, and I would certainly recommend these sessions to others in the Cambridge/Boston area!” – Lauren Krouskoff  
  • “In my experiences at the Ikeda Center thus far, there are a few clear truths that resonate long after events have concluded. It’s abundantly evident that those who maintain the Center understand the value of human connection and its dependence upon welcoming, kind and articulate communication. They embody the difference between hearing those around us and compassionately listening to their ideas; the distinction between a space and a haven. And while any of this could sound larger than life, there is a necessary humility present with everyone who works at the Center – a peaceful recognition of life as a gradual process of growth and learning which is all made better in community.” – Kip Clark  

Ikeda Center Dialogue Nights

ICYC member Kip Clark in dialogue with others

It is a rare pleasure and privilege to attend a passionate space cultivated by such earnest individuals.

Kip Clark, Ikeda Center Youth Committee Member

Breakout group during the December 2023 Dialogue Nights

Dialogue Nights on "The Courage to Dialogue: The Surest Path to Peace"

If young people can get to know people different from themselves, listen to their stories, work alongside them, and begin to feel this same determination to build an inclusive community, then they have naturally learned about nonviolence without even having discussed the topic. 

Vincent Harding, America Will Be!