Giulia Pellizzato, Ashley Foster, and Jim Garrison at the 2023 Ikeda Forum

Building transformative cultures of peace

Inspired by the convictions of our founder, Daisaku Ikeda, we believe dialogue grounded in the principles of Buddhist humanism is an effective path to peace within ourselves and our world. Whether you choose to attend one of our events or engage with our collection of thought-provoking resources, we welcome you to our ever-expanding community of peacebuilders.

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To have faith in the promise of dialogue is to believe in the promise of humanity.

Daisaku Ikeda

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In this section, which features articles, essays, lectures, poems, and interviews, you can experience the cumulative wisdom of the people who have been associated with the Center, and co-investigate the themes that have been explored through our events, dialogues, and projects. Check it out!

Participants engage in dialogue at the 2018 Ikeda Forum
What Do We Mean By?

Buddhist Humanism

The core concern for Ikeda is not solely with Buddhism as an end itself, but also with what the principles of Buddhism can contribute to “realizing the ideal possibilities of human existence.”