Knowing Our Worth

Conversations on Energy and Sustainability

By Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Daisaku Ikeda

Dialogue Path Press, March 2016
ISBN: 978-1-887917-15-5 / $12.95 USA
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Building a future based on a deeper appreciation for our shared humanity
and this planet we call home

ERNST ULRICH VON WEIZSÄCKER is former dean of the Donald Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and currently co-president of the Club of Rome. His books include Factor Five: Transforming the Global Economy through 80% Improvements in Resource Productivity.

DAISAKU IKEDA is president of the Soka Gakkai International, a lay Buddhist organization with more than twelve million members worldwide. He has written and lectured widely on Buddhism, humanism, and global ethics.

Advance Praise

Taking ourselves off the self-endangered species list requires a human revolution—a transformation of what we do and why, as we strive to become better human beings in more compassionate and durable societies. Drawing from great Asian and European civilizations, this book distills valuable and practical insights on sufficiency through efficiency, simplicity, public purpose, and civic responsibility.

- Amory B. Lovins, Cofounder and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute; coauthor, Factor Four and Natural Capitalism

The authors remind me of modern bodhisattvas: facing humanity’s current challenges with hope, deep analyses, research, and dedicated compassionate action. Both these hardy souls engage with the most important global issues, shaping new paradigms, debates, and policies for our common future. Knowing Our Worth will remain a valuable guide to rising generations of global citizens in all countries as they join together to create humane societies beyond market fundamentalism, GDP-fetishism, commercialism, and mindless consumption.

- Hazel Henderson, President, Ethical Markets Media; author, Mapping the Global Transition to the Solar Age

Starting from ideas of resource and energy efficiency, the authors recognize that it is not enough to counter the logic of financial selfishness only with ideas of economic efficiency. They call for a human revolution that would move us toward a world without war, a world in which ideas of growth are subordinate to ethical and practical ideas of frugality and sustainability in a context of social justice. They propose an Asian-European alliance toward a “new enlightenment” that would combine the ideas from science and religion that are most critical for humanity today and in the future.

 - Neva Goodwin, Co-director, Global Development and Environment Institute, Tufts University


 Weizsacker & Ikeda

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