Virtual Indigo Talk with Dr. Zeena Zakharia

Headshot of Dr. Zeena Zakharia

Please join us on Thursday, June 15, at 7 pm ET via Zoom for our first Indigo Talk of 2023 with Dr. Zeena Zakharia, Assistant Professor of International Education Policy at the University of Maryland at College Park. Her research examines education in contexts of conflict and advances a critical approach to refugee studies in the Middle East. These interests stem from over two decades of educational research, teaching, and school leadership in war-affected contexts. She was a Tueni Fellow at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and a Middle Eastern Studies Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University.

In her talk titled, “Ordinary Solidarities and the Restoration of Humanity,” Dr. Zakharia will present on her important work in refugee education and highlight timely conversations about power inequities in global education spaces. In her recent paper, “Ordinary Solidarities: Re-Reading Refugee Education Response Through an Anticolonial Discursive Framework,” Dr. Zakharia writes, “Through organic responsiveness, upholding of equitable relationships, and the principles of inclusion and anti-discrimination, ordinary solidarity embodies an anticolonial mandate for rights-based interventions and demands a shift in orientation from saviorism to care.”

In her presentation, she will explore resonances between her work and Daisaku Ikeda’s philosophy of peace, specifically engaging with his lecture, “Mahayana Buddhism and Twenty-first Century Civilization,” and other writings.

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