Jason Henriksen

Jay Henriksen

Office Administrator

As Office Administrator, Jay coordinates office procedures and provides administrative support for our publications and events. He has experience in library assistance, nonprofit administration, and advocacy. Jay is a writer at heart with a passion for empowerment, and he loves all things colorful and creative. He received a B.S. in Psychological Science from Fitchburg State University in 2019.

Jay considers himself a “perpetual optimist,” and whenever he begins to doubt his judgement, he gravitates to this quote by Daisaku Ikeda from his 2003 essay “Our Power for Peace”:

There are those who tell us that humanity is condemned to war and violence, that it is ingrained in our nature to hate and kill each other. Such people will tell you that they are simply being ‘realistic.’ I sincerely hope that you will never submit to such ‘realism’—not about your own lives, not about the world. If you examine such claims carefully, you will usually find that those who make them have simply decided—in an arbitrary and often self-serving way—what is realistic and what is not. They cut off and deny the limitless possibilities of reality to make it conform to their own pessimism and narrow-mindedness…. Every war has started in the human heart. And so has every great act that has changed the world for the better.