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Our World To Make: A Public Talk With Ved Nanda

Saturday, September 26th
3:00 - 5:00pm
(Followed by reception)

On Saturday, September 26th, the Center will host a public event with Ved Nanda, Evans University Professor and...

Olivier UrbainA core conviction of the Center, grounded in Buddhist philosophy, is that the reform of self is essential to the reform of society. Daisaku Ikeda describes the relationship this way: "A great human revolution within just a single individual . . . will enable a change in the destiny of all humankind." But what exactly constitutes this reform of self, this "human revolution...

[Posted by M. Bogen: 8-25-15] One of the problems with discussions around peace building is that many people — proponents and critics alike — don't take enough time either to consider what we think peace actually is or to analyze how the topic has typically been treated. One person who wants to help rectify this situation is Peter Stearns, University Professor and Provost Emeritus at George Mason University, whose areas of expertise include world and social history. Dr. Stearns will also be one of the featured speakers at...

Today, Thursday, August 6, is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, an event that altered the trajectory of global armed conflict, increasing the potential for catastrophic levels of destruction barely comprehensible to the human mind. Center founder Daisaku Ikeda has always placed the abolition of nuclear weapons at the heart of his efforts toward global peace. Mr. Ikeda says: "The idea that nuclear weapons function to deter war and are therefore a “necessary evil” is a core impediment to their elimination; this idea must be challenged and dismantled." He adds that:...

Betty Reardon portrait

We just posted (on July 7th) our second set of videos featuring peace scholar Betty Reardon. In this set, Dr. Reardon looks at the big picture of peace building, considering what peace work means in the varied contexts and environments that impact how peace should be pursued and promoted.

View videos here!

[Posted by M. Bogen, 6-25-15]

We live in the age of Big Data. Every sector of life, from baseball to "homeland security," seems to prioritize the crunching of numbers over other activities aimed at improvement and success. Students, parents, teachers, and above all school administrators will tell you that education is no exception. In fact, education might now be the most data-focused field of all, with the survival of a school and its faculty based mainly, or even entirely, on standardized test scores. It is increasingly rare that educators speak of...

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[Posted 6-19-15]

We extend our condolences to the families and loved ones of the victims of the horrible murders that occurred earlier this week at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. As President Obama and others have noted, Emanuel has been an important focal point in the African American struggle for freedom, equality, and liberty in our country. We will do our best to honor the legacy of Emanuel AME and Wednesday’s victims by maintaining our work in pursuit of peace, learning, and dialogue — work in which...

Betty Reardon portrait

Betty Reardon is founder of the International Institute on Peace Education and one of the civil society originators of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1325 on women, peace, and security. Earlier this year she sat down with the Ikeda Center to discuss her pioneering work in the fields of peace education and human rights. We will post video clips from this conversation in two sets. The first set deals with UN 1325, which addresses the harsh, disproportionate impact of armed conflict on women. In the three clips that comprise this set, Dr. Reardon discusses 1) the origins and significance of...

Ben Ferencz portrait

The only surviving prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials, Benjamin Ferencz has devoted his life to the creation of a peaceful world in which the rule of law triumphs over the rule of power. After Nuremberg, Mr. Ferencz commited himself to the creation of world law, and was among those responsible for the creation of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 1998. This is a major achievement, but Ferencz cautions us that the work will remain incomplete until all states accept that they do not have “a sovereign right to wage war,” and that the ICC has the capacity to prosecute “illegal armed...


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