Episode 21

The Role of Dignity in Restoring Connection With Ourselves and Others w/ Donna Hicks

Donna Hicks portrait

This month, we are wrapping up our special 30th anniversary series where we unpack themes from Daisaku Ikeda’s 1993 Harvard address, “Mahayana Buddhism and Twenty-first Century Civilization.” In this final episode of the year, our host Lillian explores the theme of dialogue and dignity with renowned scholar Dr. Donna Hicks. In their conversation, Lillian asks Dr. Hicks about the role of dignity in engaging in genuine dialogue; the challenge of having dialogue with those who violate our dignity; how Dr. Hicks continues to maintain hope in her work in the face of an epidemic of indignity in our world; and much more. 

Dr. Hicks is an Associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University. She is a leading expert in Dignity and Conflict Resolution and has worked extensively in areas of conflict around the world for several decades. She was a consultant to the British Broadcasting Company where she co-facilitated encounters between victims and perpetrators of the Northern Irish conflict with Archbishop Desmond Tutu. You can read her full bio on her website: https://drdonnahicks.com/ 

To learn more about Dr. Hicks’ work on dignity, check out her two books: 

Dignity: It’s Essential Role in Resolving Conflict

Leading with Dignity: How to Create a Culture That Brings Out the Best in People

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