Episode 3

Your Passport To Global Citizenship w/ Burcu Gulec

Former ICYC members Burcu Gulec and Keegan Stricker
Burcu (left) with her dialogue partner Keegan Stricker

In this episode, host Lillian I continues her dialogues with youth who participated in a 6-month long dialogue project the Ikeda Center organized in 2019. This time, she speaks with Ikeda Center Youth Committee member Burcu Gulec, who is a singer, composer, and improviser. In their conversation, Burcu reflects on how she felt before entering the dialogue experiment, her key takeaways, and how the project influenced her art and her relationship with her dad. Tune in to hear Burcu’s thoughts on why dialogue can be our passport to global citizenship! 

Key points on dialogue in this episode: 

  1. Just like musicians have to practice their instruments in order to master their artistry, human beings have to practice our instrument of dialogue to master our humanity. 
  2. Our shared suffering enables us to connect with anyone. 
  3. An important aspect of dialogue is the willingness to listen and learn from the other person. 
  4. One conversation can become a powerful catalyst for change.

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Music attribution:
“Peace Settings”, “Kitten”, “Lake Victoria”, Peas Corps”.
Podington Bear