Dialogue Nights #2: Life to Life Encounters

| Mitch Bogen
Group photo at Dialogue Nights

Dialogue Nights attendees

Our new Dialogue Nights series continued on Wednesday, October 25, with another great gathering of young Bostonians. The theme for the evening was “Life-to-Life Encounters in a Digital World.”

The participants included a nice mix of Boston-area university students and young professionals, all of whom readily admitted they spend a considerable amount of time focused on their phones each day. During the discussion the positive dimensions of our digital lives were celebrated; after all, the event itself would not even have taken place if not for social media. Yet all emphatically agreed that there is a sense of authenticity and the potential for deep, life-changing connections that can only happen in person.

The evening was moderated by series creator Lillian I, and Ikeda Center Executive Advisor Jason Goulah offered welcoming remarks during which he emphasized Daisaku Ikeda’s faith in the power of life-to-life encounters to encourage us “to think critically, to make decisions, to love and sympathize,” and even “to stand against evil.” The second Dialogue Night provided clear evidence that dialogue has the power to unite and empower us — joyfully, and in ways both simple and profound. The third Dialogue Night is scheduled for Friday, December 1.