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Legendary Peacebuilder Benjamin Ferencz Dies

| Mitch Bogen
Benjamin Ferencz headshot

The world lost a great force for peace and the global rule of law when Benjamin Ferencz died on March 31, 2023. The last living prosecutor of Nazi war crimes, Mr. Ferencz honored us with a visit in 2015. During his two hours at the Center he shared many thoughts relating to his message of Law! Not War!  Here is just one of the many inspirational convictions he communicated that special day:

So don’t despair. Just do the best you can. That’s been my philosophy. I do the best I can. I want nothing in exchange or nothing in return. But I want to satisfy my own conscience and my own feeling, perhaps inspired by the horrors that I have personally seen, to do whatever I can to make it a more humane world. If I know I’ve done my best, I can’t ask for more. I die in peace. Peace is important. Isn’t that beautiful?

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