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Welcome to our New Website! A User's Guide

Not only are we celebrating our 30th year as an institute devoted to peace, learning, and dialogue; we are also launching this brand new website. We hope you agree that the bold and colorful design reflects our spirit! Here’s a quick guide to navigating and getting the most out of the site.

You probably arrived here through our new Homepage, which does a few things: it provides a quick introduction to our core values; it provides links to what is new and important with our work; it offers links to featured resources; and presents a brand new feature for us called What Do We Mean By? This is your easy instructions to the central concepts that guide our work.

As you would expect, the About section is your go-to location to learn about who we are and what we do. In Programs, you will learn about the events and initiatives that define our various ways of engaging with the public, including the Ikeda Forum, Dialogue Nights and more.

Our Resource Library page now features drop-down menus that give you multiple ways to find and enjoy the incredible diversity of articles, interviews, and essays that we have created and collected over the decades. Search by topic, type of resource, or person. You’re sure to find something thought-provoking.

While in Resources, take a look at our newest content category, What Do We Mean By? Just select it in the Resource Type drop-down. These mini-essays will help you understand many of the ethical and philosophical concepts that guide our work.

In Books you will be able to learn about all our publications, including the ten titles published through our Dialogue Path Press, each featuring Daisaku Ikeda in dialogue with leading scholars on topics relating to humanistic philosophy and global ethics. You can also get information on our many multi-author volumes published with leading academic publishers such as Teachers College Press.

Filling out the top sections is Podcasts. The Dialogue Studio podcast features the Center’s Lillian I engaging in conversation with a wide range of people from the Center’s network, including members of our youth network as well as our community of scholars. The topic of these dialogues is dialogue itself — the various forms it takes, what the challenges are, and what its practice might be for the creation of cultures of peace.

Finally, we have our Updates and Events features. In Updates you will not only learn about recent events and occurrences, but can search for recap articles on all our major events, including the Ikeda Forum, Dialogue Nights, Indigo Talks, and the Global Citizens seminar. Events will list all our upcoming public gatherings.

Of special note: To read all of Daisaku Ikeda’s messages to the Center, composed and sent to commemorate occasions such as our 10th and 20th anniversaries or the hosting of the first Ikeda Forum, just select Daisaku Ikeda in the Related People drop-down on our Resource Library page. You can also link to Ikeda’s Founding Lecture from the Resources drop-down page,

Please take some time to look around. And pass our website along to your friends. You and they are sure to encounter something that will illuminate what it means to be a builder of cultures of peace.