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Donna Hicks

Donna Hicks is an associate at the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs at Harvard University and author of Dignity: Its Essential Role in Resolving Conflict (Yale University Press, 2011). Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu says of his friend and colleague: “Donna Hicks has a gift of opening to our sight a world where those most basic of human needs—appreciation, recognition, and the feeling of inherent worth—may be attained by all.” In this interview, conducted in the fall of 2014 by the Ikeda Center’s Mitch Bogen, Dr. Hicks shares how she came...

Videos of the three main presentations at this year's Ikeda Forum, "The Dignity of Life," are posted live to our site now. Andrea Bartoli of Seton Hall University describes dignity as an invitation to our shared humanity, Charlie Clements of Harvard Kennedy School explores the restoration of dignity, and Mari Fitzduff of Brandeis University considers what neuroscience can tell us about overcoming group conflict.

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Congratulations to the 2014 Noble Peace Prize winners, Kailash Satyarthi and Malala Yousafzay! They are honored for their work on behalf of children globally, especially in support of the rights of children to be educated and kept free of exploitation. Held two weeks prior to the announcement, our 2014 Ikeda Forum on dignity actually featured a video on just this topic. Called "A Path to Dignity: The Power of Human Rights Education," the video is a joint production of Human Rights Education Associates, Soka Gakkai International, and the Office of the United Nations High...

Bartoli Speaking

All the Ikeda Center’s work deals in some way with human dignity. But it wasn’t until this year’s Ikeda Forum, the eleventh annual, that we devoted an entire event to this timely—and timeless—topic. Called “Dignity of Life: The Heart of Human Rights and Peace Building,” the forum featured three leaders in the fields of international human rights and conflict resolution. On hand to share their experiences and perspectives were Andrea Bartoli of Seton Hall University, Charlie Clements of Harvard Kennedy School, and Mari Fitzduff of Brandeis University.

In his remarks, Andrea Bartoli (...

The latest title from Dialogue Path Press is now available! It's called Living As Learning: John Dewey in the 21st Century, and features eminent Dewey scholars Jim Garrison and Larry Hickman in dialogue with Center founder Daisaku Ikeda. It features lots of resonances between American pragmatism and Buddhist humanism.

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11th Ikeda Forum

A photo gallery of Saturday's Ikeda Forum, "Dignity of Life," is now viewable at our Facebook page! Take a look at this inspiring day. We will post a feature story about the event to our site the week of October 6. Please check back.

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Our eleventh annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural, "Dignity of Life," streamed live from 2:00 to 6:00pm on Saturday, September 27. The video will remain viewable until mid-October.

View the event here!

Note to viewers: The four-hour event is shown in two parts. Part One is the lower video, and the event actually starts at 11:30 minutes into the clip.

Featured speakers:

Andrea Bartoli Dean, School of Diplomacy and International Relations, Seton Hall University


11th Annual Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue

Dignity of Life:
The Heart of Human Rights and Peace Building 

Saturday, September 27, 2014
2:00pm – 6:00pm

To RSVP, click here:
This year we will offer our first ...
Jim Garrison

At the 2009 Ikeda Forum ("John Dewey, Daisaku Ikeda, and the Quest for a New Humanism"), Jim Garrison introduced Dewey's concept of "social self-actualization." Garrison, who is a co-author of our upcoming title Living As Learning, explained that for Dewey we simply cannot develop and realize our potential as individuals without a community in which we conduct our interactions (or as Dewey would phrase it, our transactions). This, Professor Garrison said, is what is meant by social self-actualization. He also clarified that...

In preparation for the year's Ikeda Forum, "Dignity of Life: The Heart of Human Rights and Peace Building," happening Saturday, September 27, we have selected a few resources from our site that address different dimensions of this essential quality.

Core Conviction No. 4: Respect for human dignity and the sanctity of life provide a baseline ethical standard.

This fundamental standard has far-reaching implications. How much damaging behavior depends on a denial of the inviolable integrity of persons and our planet? To name just two examples, widespread reports of torture and...


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