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As much as we want to "increase the peace," sometimes we also want to "increase the confrontation." This comment by educator, author, and activist Matt Meyer captured the tone of the recent panel discussion "Glimmers of Hope: Peace Education Around the Globe," co-sponsored by the Ikeda Center and the University of San Francisco (USF) School of Education. Joining Mr. Meyer on the panel were Monisha Bajaj of USF, Maria Hantzopoulos of Vassar College, and Tetsushi Ogata of the University of California, Berkeley. The event was moderated by USF doctoral student in education Mahi Takazawa. The...

Harvey Cox portrait

New, from the Ikeda Center archives: Masao Yokota's 2010 interview with esteemed Harvard theologian Harvey Cox on "the future of faith." During their conversation Cox and Yokota discuss how faith is the opposite of fear, why the "age of spirit" is non-hierarchical, and why transformative creativity thrives at the margins of society. Posted 2-18-16.

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Meenakshi Chhabra

Newly posted at the Soka Gakkai International website is an article by the Center's Mitch Bogen called "The Practice of Dignity," which looks at ways the 2015 Ikeda Forum provides a window into the ethos, work, and history of the Ikeda Center. With it's focus on dignity, writes Bogen, the 2015 forum got right to the heart of our work:

"The theme of dignity grounds the Ikeda Center’s vision statement, which was created based on Mr. Ikeda’s written messages to the center commemorating important milestones. The opening of the statement reads, 'The Ikeda...

Ikeda at desk

This news summary is from the Daisaku Ikeda website:

In his annual peace proposal to the United Nations released on January 26, 2016, "Universal Respect for Human Dignity: The Great Path to Peace," Daisaku Ikeda, fouder of the Ikeda Center and president of the Soka Gakkai International, calls for intensified efforts to respond to the needs of humanity's most vulnerable, including those displaced by conflict in Syria and elsewhere or by natural disasters.

Mr. Ikeda welcomes the adoption of the UN's new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their ambitious aim of...

Ceasar McDowell

We are pleased to make Parts Two and Three of our podcast with Ceasar McDowell available for listening. In Part Two, he explores the aspirational qualities of what he calls Big Democracy: "At the core of this aspiration," he says, "is the belief that the public is fully capable of working together to create sustainable, just, and equitable communities. But to do so the public must have ongoing, peaceful ways to interact around traditions that bind them, and interests that separate them, so they can realize a future that is an equitable improvement on the past.” In Part Three he discusses...

The late Vincent Harding, historian, activist, author, and mentor to many in the quest to expand freedom and justice, was also a friend and confidant of Martin Luther King, Jr. In fact, Dr. Harding drafted King's Riverside Church speech, which famously spoke out against the Viet Nam War. Dr. Harding was also a friend of and inspiration to the Ikeda Center. Here are some quotes from his 1996 interview with the Center that offer acute insight into King's values and motivations, as well as his own. These passages were selected...

We are excited to share this new audio recording of Sachiko Murata's "Kyo-Sen, Striving Together Side By Side."  She composed this song and performed it, with trio, at our 2015 Ikeda Forum, "The Practice of Dignity." For this studio version of the song, Sachiko plays piano and oboe, and Daniel Kurganov plays violin. Read about the Ikeda Forum.

Ceasar McDowell

Our newest podcast features Ceasar McDowell, President of Interaction Institute for Social Change, and Professor of the Practice of Community Development at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Here, he talks about how he helps people on the margins find and develop their "voice."

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Our world is tragically divided, and we need dialogue. On these things, we in the peace-oriented community agree. But what kind of dialogue is up to the challenge of bridging the various divisions in our world? That was the question that guided a seminar held at the Ikeda Center in 2009 to honor the publication of social anthropologist Nur Yalman's book-length dialogue with Center founder Daisaku Ikeda, A Passage To Peace. On hand for the discussion were a number of Professor Yalman's friends and colleagues on the Harvard faculty: Islam scholar Shahab Ahmed, Divinity School...

Taylor Holland

In her new essay, "Taking Dignity Digital," our fall 2015 Northeastern University co-op student Taylor Holland writes: "At the Ikeda Center, one of our core convictions is that respect for human dignity provides a baseline ethical standard for our thoughts and actions. When I consider how to bring an awareness of dignity into my life, there is no doubt that such awareness must also extend to social media. While social media is in some ways different from offline interaction in the ways it affirms and violates dignity, there are dignity-building ideas that scholars and mediators have...


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