Episode 19

Awakening to Our Interdependence w/ Angie Lu & Sakshi Khurana

Dialogue Studio Recording with Angie and Sakshi

In this episode, host Lillian I speaks with two friends of the Ikeda Center, Angie Lu and Sakshi Khurana, about the timely theme of interdependence. Angie is completing her Master of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education and Sakshi is a Research & Teaching Fellow at Harvard University and a doctoral candidate in Value-Creating Education for Global Citizenship at DePaul University. Both Angie and Sakshi are regular attendees of the Center’s Dialogue Nights event series. In their dialogue, Lillian invites them to share what interdependence means to them, how this concept has changed the way they interact with others, and how they think the world would be different if more people lived with a deeper understanding of interdependence. 


Music attribution: Podcast Music

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