Episode 20

What Will It Take To Restore Our Humanity w/ Kip Clark & Yuko Tsuji

ICYC members Kip and Yuko in the Dialogue Studio

This month, we continue our special 30th anniversary series where we unpack themes from Daisaku Ikeda’s 1993 Harvard address, “Mahayana Buddhism and Twenty-first Century Civilization.” In this episode, our host Lillian dives into the theme of human restoration with two Ikeda Center Youth Committee members Kip Clark and Yuko Tsuji. In their dialogue, Lillian invites Kip and Yuko to share reflections on the Center’s recent Dialogue Nights event in August which explored Mr. Ikeda’s perspective on the restoration of humanity. They discussed whether they believe that our humanity can be restored; how we lost our humanity along the way; and what it will take to restore it at this crucial time in our world. In his lecture, Mr. Ikeda writes “The function of the Buddha nature is always to encourage us to be strong, to be good, to be wise; the message is always one of human restoration.” Kip is a podcast producer, improv actor, and data analyst who believes that we would all benefit from more sincere, vulnerable conversation and cooperative worldviews. And Yuko is currently pursuing her masters in social work at Boston College. When she’s not doing school work (which is all the time) she enjoys watching anime, eating vegetables, trying new types of sriracha sauce, and hand washing her clothes. 


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